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Alika is 6 months old

All this week I'll be uploading some of my favs from Alika's 6 month shoot.  You can go to the Momma & Babies blog to view them. 
 To see Alika's first photo op with me, go to:

~Consider a montage card or storyboard for the wall when you're choosing your packages~

My niece's 3 month photoshoot

 I must gush as my niece is just the cutest lil' baby girl and I could take pictures of her non-stop...but alas, my bro and his family along with this sweetie live in Cheese-land, WI and so we only see each other about every 3 months anyway.  So to make our yearlong photo documentation of Anna's life "official", they came to us for a visit / photoshoot.  You can see Anna's beginning moments at by clicking the following links: 

 My son giving his little cousin some love.  =)

Baby Alika

~Meet the adorable Alika~

...So small she fits inside a Twins baseball cap...this little one has her own story. Weighing in at only 1 pound, 10 ounces and 13 inches long, Alika had some fighting to do.

She was born April 23, 2010 at 4:11 in the morning; her mommy was only twenty seven weeks pregnant when this she made her entrance into our world. Alika spent 96 day in the NICU.

Now home, I had the great privilege to photograph her. Alika is still on oxygen and you will see in some of the photos her O2 tubing as well as her feeding tube in her belly. We were able to take the tubing off for short moments to photograph her without it; however, these things are part of her story and take nothing away from how beautiful she is. Her parents agree. What a wonderful experience.
Thank you Mesa and Dustin!

Had to share

If it were up to me, I'd have more of this man's babies!  Seriously, look..can you blame me?  It melts my heart.  (btw - this man is my husband... in case you were wondering.)